Request from Glasgow Allotment Forum as informed by Scottish Allotment & Gardens Society.

Dear All

The Scottish Government have just issued a Consultation on Statutory Guidance on allotments that could really support allotment associations. However there is a possibility that may be diluted if those of us in the allotment community do not respond.

It is therefore very important that everyone with an interest in allotments contributes to this Consultation.

We attach a synopsis of the main questions and links to the documents together with a briefing to give you an idea of the kind of responses you might want put in the comments boxes. The questions in the Consultation often contain several statements in one question and since it is unclear how they will be evaluated we suggest that you use the comment boxes to make your response.

The briefing is based on information from the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society ( and a seminar with members of the Glasgow Allotment Forum.

Please pass this email on to anyone who may be affected by the Guidance.

Best wishes
Jenny Reeves

CEA Briefing

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