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Our Blog Page is for Gardening Questions and Tips, please feel free to ask questions or let your fellow allotment gardeners into some of your gardening secrets.

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  1. Secretary. says:

    We are having a Table Top /Jumble Sale this Saturday the 4th November at 1pm. All welcome. Free admission
    Tea/coffee sandwiches and soup.

  2. Susan, Plot 117 says:

    My courgette plants having survived to fruiting stage this year, no thanks to the slugs, I am reminded of my tip when the slimy critters start eating the courgettes. If one is damaged beyond use, pick it off to save wasted energy, cut it in two, and leave it on the ground. I’ve found the slugs prefer to eat that, rather than break into a fresh one. They’re lazy, as well as greedy….

  3. Marie Mcphelim says:

    A big well done to Martin Lavelle for winning a high recommedation award for the standard of his plot. The competition was run by Glasgow Allotment Forum for novice plotholders. It’s a great achievement considering all the allotment sites that took part in the competition.
    Well done.

  4. Cathy Grant says:

    I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome as a new allotment holder, for their help,advise and kindness. Thanks again

  5. Marie Mcphelim says:

    The outside taps are now switched on. Happy easter.

  6. Marie Mcphelim says:

    The contractors for the new paths project have informed me that the work will be starting end of march or beginning April. There will be some disruption for at least a week. Plotholders to please read the notices on the board for information when works start as the plots may be closed to plotholders at the start.

  7. Secretary says:

    Committee meeting SUNDAY 21st February at 2pm. All committee members required to attend.

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