Aminopyralid Herbicide in Manure is Back

Aminopyralid Herbicide in Manure Problem is Back

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  3. Marie mcphelim says:

    I’ve grown my tomatoes chillies and cucumber in tomorite growbags and they are doing well at the moment. Maybe if you send your findings about Levington growbags to all the main allotment forums and see how many other people out there are having problems you could take Levingtons to task for selling what amounts to poison in the food chain. Let me know how you get on Jan.

  4. Robert young says:

    My tomatoes were grown in a mixture of general purpose compost and levingtons growbags this year and are all showing signs of aminopyralid poisoning

    • Jan Hill says:

      I too am growing in Levingtons Grow Bags again, which I foolishly bought with the vouchers they gave me last year as part of my meagre compensation payment, these plants are now also showing Aminopyralid damage despite them assuring me the problem had been dealt with! Five months work gone to ruin and another lost crop. Levingtons have been informed via the Rep of the supplier of the bags, however they have not even bothered to contact me. They really do not care. Poison in the human food chain, a journalist should pick up on this story, as this product is packaged and sold to us for the growing of our food. It is disgraceful and nothing is being done about it.

  5. Jan H says:

    I have lost me entire crop of Tomatoes, Chillis and Cucumbers in my two Greenhouses this year, all plants showing classic Aminopyralid damage. All were grown in Levingtons Growbags. Levingtons have now admitted to ” A problem” with their Growbags, but have not committed in writing to say what the problem is! They have offered a paltry cash sum to replace the Growbags and plants, not the loss of crop, labour or disposal of their contaminated product. I wonder how widespread this problem is?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Jan I wonder? I’ve heard a number of people complaining about their tomatoes this year. I grew mine in the tomorite bags and they were fine. Thanks for the comment. I think we should give levingns a body swerve.t

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